Our Mission

“Building Long Term Trust by consistently delivering Excellent Engineering Services that adds value to client projects and business operations.”

Our Commitment

  • UNITEC is committed to provide practical and effective engineering solutions.
  • UNITEC is committed to create an open and collaborative work environment.
  • UNITEC is committed to offer superior quality and timely services.
  • UNITEC is committed to prepare designs that keep people and the environment safe.
  • UNITEC is committed continually improve by always challenging the status quo!


  • Core Team Members have more than 200 years of heavy industries experience.
  • Our plant operation and field exposures make our engineering solutions practical.
  • Engineering Services Provider in all aspects of the plant operation and all stages of the project. 
  • Flexible in Project Execution Approach.
  • Schedule and Cost is our Priority.

Competitive Edge

  • Experienced Staff
  • Local Presence and Accessibility
  • Discount Rate on Engineering with minimum overhead
  • Good Service Track Records
  • Liability Insurance Coverage (Professional, General and Non-Owned Auto)




Brownz Compliace

Our UNITEC Engineering Team

Edgardo Fabian

Project Manager

Edgardo Fabian, PMP, MBA, 25 years of plant, engineering and project execution experience in various industries (cement, mining, pulp & paper, biofuels and waste-to-energy). E-mail: edgardo.fabian@unitecengineering.ca

Alex Kamicheril

Structural Lead

Alex Kamicheril, P. Eng., 42 years of structural / civil design experience in the steel and cement industries. E-mail:  alex.kamicheril@unitecengineering.ca

Wilson Chow

Process Manager

Wilson Chow, P. Eng., 42 years of project and process design experience in the cement, mining and mineral processing industries. E-mail: wilson.chow@unitecengineering.ca

Humberto Osorio

Mechanical Lead,

Humberto Osorio, over 20 years of plant operation and engineering experience in the cement and equipment manufacturing industries E-mail:  humberto.osorio@unitecengineering.ca