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  • UNITEC is committed to provide practical and effective engineering solutions.
  • UNITEC is committed to create an open and collaborative work environment.
  • UNITEC is committed to offer superior quality and timely services.
  • UNITEC is committed to prepare designs that keep people and the environment safe.
  • UNITEC is committed continually improve by always challenging the status quo!


  • Core Team Members have more than 200 years of heavy industries experience
  • Our plant operation and field exposures make our engineering solutions practical
  • Engineering Services Provider in all aspects of the plant operation and all stages of the project.
  • Flexible in Project Execution Approach
  • Schedule and Cost is our Priority

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  • Experienced Staff
  • Local Presence and Accessibility
  • Discount Rate on Engineering with minimum overhead
  • Good Service Track Records
  • Liability Insurance Coverage (Professional, General and Non-Owned Auto)

Our Mission is “Building Long Term Trust by consistently delivering Excellent Engineering Services that adds value to client projects and business operations.”

Unitec Team

Edgardo Fabian


Summary of Core Skills
• Front end studies for “brown” or “green” field projects execution
• Project business case analysis
• Project management
• Construction management / site supervision
• Equipment and installation package tendering
• Equipment Bid Evaluation
• Cost estimation
• Vendor management
• Cement process knowledge
• Plant start-up and commissioning
• Technical documentation
• Proposal preparation

 Professional Summary
Edgardo has over 25 years of cement, lime, pulp and paper, and biofuels industry experience. Edgardo is currently involved in process optimization and system upgrade studies at CRH Group Canada and flexicoke system detail design for Lehigh Cement Permanente. He had completed various front-end studies for Votorantim Cimentos, Titan America, Holcim Group, Lehigh Cement and Mitsubishi Cement. Prior to joining the engineering and consulting field, Edgardo has been managing capital expenditure projects in two cement plants. One of these projects was the $11M clinker cooler replacement project at St. Lawrence Cement in the Mississauga plant, which was implemented safely, on time, within specifications and under budget. Edgardo’s early career was spent in cement production and maintenance departments.

 Professional Qualifications / Registration(s)
• Project Management Professional, PA, USA, Project Management Institute, No. 221599, 2006
• Member, Delta Epsilon Tau Honour Society, Colorado Chapter

• MBA Program with Project Management Specialization, Aspen University, CO, USA, 2012
• HOLCIM Cement Manufacturing Course, Holderbank, Switzerland, 2007
• Managers Training Course, Shulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Ontario, 2006
• Project Management Course, Shulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Ontario, 2006
• Effective Project Management, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, 2003
• B.S. Mechanical Engineering, DMMMSU-College of Engineering & Technology, La Union, Philippines, 1991

English and Filipino

 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd, Project Manager, Principal (March 2016 to Present)
• Amec Foster Wheeler, Project Manager, Oakville, (2008 to March 10, 2016)
• St. Lawrence Cement Inc. (now CRH Canada Group Inc.), Project Manager and Project Engineer, Ontario, (2002 to 2008)
• Holcim Philippines Inc., Project Planning Superintendent and various positions, Philippines, (1991 to 2002)

 Representative Projects
6T TAD Tissue Machine Upgrade ($100M)
Irving Tissue
Mechanical and Piping Lead on this detail engineering project. This project basically deals with upgrading an existing tissue machine into a state-of-the-art through air design (TAD) which produce softer tissue products using less fibers.

Alpamina Lime Plant ($120M)
Cal Del Centro (CDC)
Engineering Manager/Process Lead on this project with EPCM execution. The project involves design, construction and commissioning of a 1200 metric tonne per year lime facility that will supply the requirement for the iron ore mining facility in Junin, Peru.

Hamilton II Biodiesel Facility ($60M)
Biox Corporation
Project Engineer during the FEED phase and mechanical lead during EPCM phase. The project deals with the design, construction and commissioning of a 67-million litre per year facility that will process refurbished cooking grease, animal fats, vegetable oils and agricultural seed oils to biodisel fuel. Biodiesel is a renewable and biodegradable fuel which is claimed to burn cleaner, cuts sulphur emissions by up to 100%, as well as provides significant reductions in carbon
monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and life-cycle greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions compared to petroleum diesel.

Kiln Inlet & Riser Detail Engineering ($6.5M)
Holcim Canada Inc.
Project Manager on the detail engineering design. AMEC project team completed the detail design on time despite very tight schedule to the full satisfaction of the client.

Clinker cooler installation ($11M)
Holcim Canada Inc.
Project Manager on this project. Project was delivered safely, within specification, on time and under budget which made a big improvement in the Mississauga plant’s reliability and efficiency.

 Various Studies and Detail Designs
• CRH Canada Group Inc. – Precalciner Preheat Burner System
• CRH Canada Group Inc. – Tertiary Air Damper (TAD) Installation
• St Marys Cement Inc. – Wet Scrubber System Study & Preliminary Design
• Titan Cement – Essex Cement Terminal Upgrade
• CRH Canada Group Inc. – CKD Drying System
• Titan America – Essex Cement Terminal Expansion Study
• St Marys Cement Inc. – Oil # 2 Preheat System Upgrade
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. – Kiln Burner Conversion to Natural Gas
• Lehigh Cement Tehachapi Plant – Cement Grinding Upgrade Feasibility Study
• Lehigh Cement Edmonton Plant – Cement Grinding Upgrade Feasibility Study
• Verde Potash – FEL2 Study for a Greenfield Potash facility using pyro-processing and hydro systems
• Lehigh Cement – Scoping Study for a cement / fly ash terminal in Sackatchewan
• Mitsubishi Cement Lucerne Valley Plant – NESHAP Compliance Study
• Lehigh Cement Mitchell Plant –Expansion Project Scoping and NESHAP Compliance Study
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. – 2011 PMP Studies
• St Marys Cement – Stack Plume Study
• Holcim Brazil – Sigma II Plant Expansion Feasibility Study
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. – Stack Emissions Review
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. – Fluidized Petcoke Feasibility Study
• Holcim Philippines – Bulacan I Rehabilitation Feasibility Study
• Project Manager on the above studies and detail designs.

 Various Projects
St. Lawrence Cement Inc. – Mississauga Plant, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
• CM # 6 and 7 feeding system upgrade for slag production of new cement product
• Installation of SNCR system for NOx emission abatement
• Kiln ID fan replacement / upgrade ($10M)
• Installation of PH Duct water spray system
• Installation of PH Tower 2nd stage cyclones hurrivanes
• Installation of kiln burner and precalciner dosing systems ($1.25M)
• Installation of 2 units automated storage hall bucket cranes ($6.5M)
• Installation of kiln feed dosing system
• Installation of roller clinker crusher
• Installation of 4 units cement mill water spray systems
• Installation of plume abatement system ($9M).
• Replacement of AFM fan

 Publications and Presentations
“Mississauga Retrofit – Cooler Project.” Walter Heyden and Edgardo Fabian. International Cement Review Magazine.
Tradeship Publications Ltd. pp.66-72, May 2008.

Wilson Chow

P. Eng.

Summary of Core Skills
• Project Coordination and Management on small scale projects
• Technical studies for plant expansion and system upgrade
• Technical plant audits, process evaluation and improvements
• Emission audit and assessment, NESHAP consultation for compliance
• Project CAPEX and OPEX estimation
• Process concept development and design review
• Conceptual and process flow sheet design
• Capacity calculations, equipment sizing and mass flow
• Raw material review and raw mix design
• Gas flow and kiln bypass analysis
• Material handling and dust control planning
• Trouble shooting, plant optimization and system retrofit
• Start-up and commissioning support on PC kiln system & VRM grinding
• Performance test and verification support to client
• Technical advisor to Group Senior Management

 Professional Summary
• Has 42 years of experience consulting and engineering in the cement industry
• Provides technical support and process know-how to projects in all phases of engineering
• Responsible for Process Design and Plant Upgrades at several cement projects for Holcim, Lehigh Cement, Votorantim NA, Giant/Keystone Cement and others
• Enhances state-of-the-art cement process technology and standard practice in studies and project execution
• Extensive knowledge to act as the key leading role in Cement and Mineral Projects.

 Professional Qualifications / Registration(s)
• Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Ontario, #8229015, 1975

• B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1973
• Holderbank Cement Course, 1979
• Holderbank Management Course, 1995

English and Chinese

 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd., Process Manager Principal, Oakville, 2015 to Present
• Amec Foster Wheeler, Technical Process Cement Lead, Oakville, 2007 to 2015
• Alite Technical Services Inc., President, Oakville, Ontario, 2003 to 2007
• Holcim Group Support (Canada) Limited, Process Manager, Mississauga, Ontario, 1994 to 2003
• Holcim Group Support (Canada) Limited, Senior Process Engineer, Mississauga, Ontario, 1982 to 1994
• Holcim Group Support (Canada) Limited, Process Engineer, Mississauga, Ontario, 1973 to 1982

 Representative Projects
Amec Foster Wheeler
• Votorantim Cement North America, Michigan, USA. Technical Study: DFS Charlevoix plant expansion from 4400 t/d to 6000 t/d.
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Detailed Engineering: Detail design of Waste Oil and Solvent storage and handling.
• Holcim (Canada) Inc. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Detailed Engineering: Detail design of CKD Drying and Grinding
• Lehigh Cement, Alberta, Canada. Feasibility Study: DFS Edmonton plant Cement Grinding Capacity Increase.
• Lehigh Cement, California, USA. Feasibility Study: DFS Tehachapi plant Cement Grinding Capacity Increase.
• BSA Cement-SALFA Construction, Chile. Detailed Engineering: Technical Review of a new 90 t/h VRM installation for a Cement Grinding Terminal.
• Holcim New Zealand Ltd., New Zealand. Technical Study: A green-field cement import terminal facility with ship unloading facility.
• Imery’s CE Minerals, Georgia, USA. Feasibility study: Plant Consolidation of Mineral Processing Plants in Andersonville, Georgia.
• Verde Potash, Brazil. Feasibility study: Cerrado Verde Potash Project for Greenfield plant.
• Lehigh Cement, Saskatchewan, Canada. Technical scoping studies and cost estimates for terminal.
• Mitsubishi Cement, California, USA. Emission assessment: solution and recommendations for HCl and Hg Mitigation and Control Strategy for NESHAP.
• Lehigh Cement, Mitchell, USA. Engineering study and design: comparisons and solution for dust mitigation and control strategy for NESHAP requirements.
• Lehigh Cement, Mitchell, USA.Technical scoping studies for plant expansion: technical concept with CAPEX development.
• St. Marys Cement, Votorantim NA, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. Emission assessment: solution and recommendations for plume mitigation and control strategy.
• Xstrata Nickel, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Feasibility study: Strathcona Mill Project for plant expansion.

Holcim (Canada) Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
• Cement Grinding Study
• Process study for CKD Grinding and Blending
• Detailed engineering for natural gas conversion project
• Engineering study for PMP projects
• Technical study: NOx assessment and investigation
• Detailed engineering: CKD addition to cement mill
• Detailed engineering: kiln riser and bypass modifications
• Detailed engineering: installation of high voltage isolation switches
• Detailed engineering: clinker grate cooler replacement
• Detailed engineering: GranCem material handling and transport
• Technical study: fluid petcoke handling and grinding
• Technical study: grinding improvement with slag addition

Holcim Group
• Holcim (Brazil): Feasibility study Cement Grinding Capacity Increase with VRM.
• Holcim (Costa Rica): Technical Conceptual engineering, expansion of raw material handling and grinding system.
• Holcim Ecuador: Technical study and conceptual engineering, K1 grate cooler replacement
• Holcim Venezuela: Technical feasibility study, new clinker silo and transpost
• Holcim Philippines: Feasibility study Bulacan 1 Rehabilitation
• Holcim Argentina: Feasibility study for Maleguen plant expansion.
• Holcim Nigeria: Feasibility study for 6500 t/d plant expansion.
• Holcim Ecuador: Conceptual engineering, VRM for cement grinding

• Giant Cement Co., Harleyville, USA. Bid review of pre-blending and storage system
• Keystone Cement Co., Bath, USA. Technical review of a new kiln line. Basic engineering design and procurement of main process and auxiliary equipment including tender documents and bid evaluation of pyro-processing system, raw grinding and finish grinding systems.
• Heidelberg Technology Center, Allentown, USA. Technical feasibility studies for various plant expansions and plant capacity improvements (Inland/Edmonton, Redding, Tehachapi, Glens Fall/Cementon)
• Holcim (Canada) Inc., Joliette. Technical feasibility study for alternative fuel application and handling.
• Holcim (US), Hagerstown. Technical feasibility study for alternative fuel application and handling.
• Cemento Panama S.A. Technical feasibility study: Cement grinding capacity increase and system upgrade.

 Greenfield Plants and Plant Expansions Projects Highlights during Holcim Employment
• St. Lawrence Cement Camden (NJ) grinding plant (90 t/h, First VRM for slag production in the SLC Group)
• Holcim (Costa Rica) SA Cartago plant expansion (1.40 Mio tpy, First Horomill for pozzolan cement in the Holcim Group)
• Holcim (US) Inc. Holly Hill (SC) plant expansion (2.10 Mio tpy,High material moisture for handling and drying, Special consideration for synfuel burning)
• Holcim (US) Inc. Portland (CO) plant expansion (1.90 Mio tpy, First 2-stage cement grinding in the Holcim US Group, SO2 wet scrubbing system for emission control)
• Cementos Progreso S.A. (Guatemala) plant expansion (1.0 Mio tpy, 2-support precalciner kiln with direct-drive from FLS, OK33 VRM for cement grinding in the Holcim Group)
• Holcim (US) Inc. Devil’s Slide (UT) plant expansion (0.8 Mio tpy, First 2-support precalciner kiln in Holcim US Group, First IKN cooler in the Holcim US Group)
• Cementos Apasco S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) Tecoman plant (1.0 Mio tpy, 2-support precalciner kiln, First 2-stage cement grinding in the Apasco Group)

 Kiln Conversion and Upgrade
• La Cemento Nacional C.A (Ecuador) Cerro Blanco plant conversion (1.0 Mio tpy, Process concept for Doubling kiln capacity, Replacement of complete preheater cyclones, Complete grate cooler retrofit)
• Holcim (Colombia) S.A. Nobsa plant conversion (1.1 Mio tpy, Process concept and design, Wet kiln to PC kiln, Triple the kiln production, Reduce the operating cost by 50%, First FLS Atox VRM for raw grinding in Holcim Group)

Humberto Osorio

Summary of Core Skills
• Plant lay-out optimization and integration
• Construction management / site supervision
• Plant start-up and commissioning
• Technical documentation
• Extensive knowledge in material transport systems
• Expertise in nuisance dust collection systems
• Mechanical detail design
• Project management

Professional Summary
Humberto has 25 years of cement and other related heavy industries experience, working in a variety of roles in different facilities. He has worked extensively in project management, field engineering, construction management and equipment commissioning. He also has excellent experience in equipment sizing, selection, and maintenance for the cement industry. He currently provides project support services to Irving Tissue in the Toronto Facility coordinating in-house, third party design and construction teams with excellent project execution and integration to the current operation as the primary focus of each project.

 Certifications / Training
• Flow Measurements, Process engineering certification, Holcim
• Alternative Fuel, Process engineering certification, Holcim
• Autodesk Inventor, Plant 3D, Amec Foster Wheeler
• Autodesk AutoCAD, Sheridan College
• Grinding in Cement Manufacturing, Holcim
• Transport and De-dusting for Plant Designers, Holcim
• Vibration Analysis, SKF
• Vibration Analysis, CSI Technologies
• Total Quality, Cementos

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technological University, Pereira, Colombia

English and Spanish

 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd, Mechanical Design Lead, (January 2016 – Present)
• Amec Foster Wheeler, Mechanical Specialist, Oakville, ON, 2012 – 2015
• Holcim Canada Inc., Grinding Process Engineer, Mississauga, ON, 2010 – 2012
• Holcim Canada Inc., Project Manager and Project Engineer, Mississauga, ON, 2006 – 2009
• Cementos Cibao Reliability Engineer, Project Engineer, Dominican Republic, 2001 – 2004
• Pegasus Technologies, Field engineer Support, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2004
• Argos Group, Maintenance Reliability Manager, Project Engineer, Colombia, 1999 – 2000

 Representative Projects
Alternative Fuels Upgrade
Holcim Canada Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada
Mechanical lead, upgrading existing facilities to handle alternative liquid fuels.

Cement Grinding Facilities Studies
Lehigh Cement, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Mechanical lead and designer, creating layout for the future grinding facility.

Cement Grinding Facility Studies
Tehachapi, CA, U.S.A
Mechanical lead and designer, create layout for the future grinding facility.

Natural Gas Installation
Holcim Canada Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada
Mechanical lead, integration of a natural gas line into a multi-fuels burner.

Cement Plant Decommissioning
Pegasus Technologies, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Mechanical field support, decommission of cement plant.

New 40TPH Cement Mill
Cementos Cibao, Santiago, El Cibao, Dominican Republic
Mechanical lead, new cement grinding plan installation.

1000TPD Cement Line
Cement Argos, Cali, Valle, Colombia
Maintenance mechanical installation and commissioning support, installation of a new cement line facility.

ESP Reconstruction
Cementos Argos, Cali, Valle, Colombia
Project manager and mechanical lead, refurbish of existing ESP (electrostatic precipitators) units.

Gerard J. D’Cruz

Summary of Core Skills
• Vast experience in the engineering of cement and mineral processing plants.
• Special skills in Plant / layout engineering.
• Superior planning, organizational, coordination and team-building skills.
• Excellent verbal and written communication.
• Trained at FLSmidth & Co., Denmark.
• Proficient in various computer applications, including MS Office, MS Projects, AutoCAD etc.

Professional Summary
Gerry is a dynamic professional with over 35 years of experience in plant and project engineering for the cement, mineral processing, material handling, and allied industries. Vast knowledge of engineering design for cement and mineral processing plants with specialized skills in systems and plant /layout engineering. In addition to comprehensive training received at FLSmidth & Co. in Denmark, Gerry has spent the past two decades strengthening his organizational, coordination, and team-building skills.

Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) – First Class, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.

English and Hindi

 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd, Project Manager / Mechanical Lead, (July 2017 to Present)
• Stantec Consulting Ltd., Associate / Project Manager, (May 2009 to May 2017)
• FLSmidth Minerals Ltd. Canada / FLSmidth Inc. USA, Senior Project Engineer, (November 1999 to March 2009)
• CemManage Consultancy (I) Pvt. Ltd., Principal, (1997 – 1999)
• Prism Cement Limited, India, Jt. General Manager – Tech. Services, (1993 – 1997)
• Larsen & Toubro Limited, India – Cement Machinery Division, Assistant Manager (1980 – 1993)

 Representative Projects
New 6500 t/d Greenfield Cement Project
Prism Cement Limited – Satna, India
Managed the Technical Services team for sizing of plant & equipment, systems balancing, and purchase specifications for a new greenfield cement plant. Conceived and finalized the plant layout and responsible for detailed arrangements of all plant departments. Coordinated with the civil consultants, provided technical support during construction and installation for a project executed on spec and cost.

New 5000 t/d Cement Production Line
Cementos Argos S.A – Cartagena, Columbia
As Senior Project Engineer in collaboration with FLSmidth Bethlehem office, provided mechanical design, layout, dust collection handling, and specifications. Work was in conjunction with client project team in the US and India.
Executed the plant and systems engineering, coordinating a team of engineers and designers in India and Canada within a specified schedule and budget. Responsible for plant and department layouts, sizing of auxiliary equipment, ducts, chutes, transport lines, nuisance dust collection, and project reporting.

New 5500 t/d Greenfield Cement Project
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.- Kovaya, India
Assistant Manager, Engineering responsible for the engineering of a 1.8 million t/y cement project. Engineered the layout and finalized the system within the constraints of a small site area. Led a team of engineers and draftsmen for complete plant/layout engineering, equipment sizing, and coordinated the civil / structural engineering and other disciplines, as well as equipment suppliers, and provided assistance to site..

Solid Fuel Grinding Plant
Federal White Cement – Woodstock, ON
Senior Project Engineer for a new coke grinding facility to use pet coke as an alternate fuel for producing white cement. In collaboration with the PMI Group, provided professional engineering design services to the design-build contractor. The detail engineering services included mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering for the coke grinding facility.
Responsible for auxiliary equipment sizing, procurement, project engineering, and coordination. Also provided project engineering assistance, planning, and manuals.

Cement Silos Modification and Load-Out Systems
Lafarge Canada – Richmond, BC
Senior – Project Engineer responsible for system layout and detailing of transport equipment, interfacing with existing facilities with a minimum rework or downtime. Also coordinated procurement, manufacturing, and delivery of equipment.

 Various Studies and Detail Designs (Recent)
Project Management and Detail Design:
• CRH Canada Group Inc. – Raw Meal Silos Reclaim (flow measurement)
• CRH Canada Group Inc. – Clinker Transport Optimization
• Federal White Cement (Woodstock, ON) – Cement Silos & Packhouse Dedusting
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (Bowmanville, ON) – Kiln Burner Replacement
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (Bowmanville, ON) – Raw Mill Replacement
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (St. Marys, ON) – Coal Mill Replacement
• Federal White Cement (Woodstock, ON) – Kiln #2 Upgrade – Petcoke Pneumatic Transport
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (St. Marys, ON) – Raw Mill Recirculation System
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (St. Marys, ON) – Coal Dosing Upgrade
• Lehigh Cement (Leeds, AL) – CKD Handling Study
• Gerdau Ameristeel (Whitby, ON) – #3 Baghouse Improvement
• Carmeuse Lime (Ingersoll, ON) – Lime Handling Dust Collection

Project Management:
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (Charlevoix, MI) – Plant Upgrade Civil Design
• Federal White Cement (Woodstock, ON) – Kiln #2 Upgrade (for ThyssenKrupp)
• St. Marys Cement Inc. (Bowmanville, ON) – Lime Hydrator System (for FLSmidth)
• Ontario Power Generation (OPG) (Toronto, ON) – Data Centre Cooling Tower
• Lehigh Cement (Delta, BC) – Alternative Fuel System

Alex Kamicherial


 Professional Summary
• Has 44 years of experience consulting and engineering in the steel and heavy industry
• Engineering, supervision and construction management, of projects for steel mills, cement plants, and electrical utilities, from concept to complete construction
• Capitaland engineering budgets, ensuring conformance to CPM

 Professional Qualifications / Registration(s)
• Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Ontario

• 1964-B.Sc. (Eng.) Civil, University of London, University College, Nairobi


 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd., Structural Lead, Oakville, 2016 to Present
• Gamma Engineering Ltd., President, Whitby, 1993 to 2016
• A.J.K. Engineering, President, Whitby, 1987 to 1992
• E.P. Dunne Partners, Partner, Whitby, 1983 to 1986
• Ferrco Engineering Ltd., Project Engineer, 1978 to 1982
• Acres, Davy, McKee & Co., Senior Designer, Rexdale, 1974 to 1978

 Career Experience
Unitec Engineering
Review structural designs for various projects and industries (cements, limestone quarries, utilities, pulp and paper). Execute “design and install” projects with mainly structural scope from conceptual, design, fabrication and construction.

Gamma Engineering
Engineering, supervision and construction management, of projects for steel mills, cement plants, and electrical utilities, from concept to complete construction, including the following clients:
• Gerdau Steel Whitby (formerly Co-Steel Lasco)
• US Steel Lake Erie (formerly Stelco)
• CRH Mississauga (formerly Holcim)
• St. Marys Cement (Bowmanville and St. Marys, Ontario)
• Whitby Hydro
• Veridian Hydro

A.J.K. Engineering
Complete structural engineering for Algoma’s No. 3 (Round Caster) and Ladle Furnace, and Slater Steel’s Billet Caster No. 3 revamp.

E.P. Dunne Partners
Engineering and Equipment Supply for steel mills.

Ferrco Engineering
Project Engineer on Lake Ontario Steel and Western Canada Steel Projects: Supervisor of Engineers and draftsmen, estimating capital and engineering budgets, ensuring conformance to CPM charts, co-ordinating work with other disciplines, site supervision. Preparing specifications, contract documents, bid tabs, for lump sum and unit price contracts, in the following areas: structural steel, reinforced concrete, roof and wall cladding, site work, grading and paving, demolition, piles and caisson, railroads, masonry, scale pit and cooling pond, pre-cast tilt up walls and roofs, steel stacks with refractory liner.

Acres, Davy, McKee & Co.
Design of structures around blast furnaces for Dofasco, Stelco Hilton Works and Stelco L.E.D., including cast house, hoist house, stockhouse, skip bridge, platforms and pipe supports; shop detailing of field modifications and supervision of erection of stockhouse for Blast Furnace No. 1 at L.E.D. While on loan to McKee, Chicago: design of tanks, silos, buildings for Olin, at Joliet, Illinois.

Rob Elliot

P.Eng. MBA

Summary of Core Skills
• Concept and Front-End studies for new and innovative technologies
• Value Engineering and business case analysis
• Project management and planning
• Equipment package tendering and bid evaluation
• Cost estimation
• Safety system design and review
• Wide process industry knowledge
• Technical documentation
• Proposal preparation

Professional Summary
Rob has over 20 years of experience in process plant design, optimization, and troubleshooting for chemical, oil & gas, pulp and paper, utilities, biochemical/biofuels, and other cleantech industries. Rob has been involved in the full project lifecycle for process and mining industry projects, as well as concept development and front-end studies for new and innovative chemical, bioprocess, renewable fuel, and cleantech projects. Before coming to the engineering consulting field Rob worked in controls & automation and for a specialized equipment/systems supplier to the paper industry.

 Professional Qualifications / Registration(s)
Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Ontario

• Master of Business Administration, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada 2006
• B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada, 1999


 Employment History
• Unitec Engineering Ltd, Sr. Process Engineer, Project Lead (2017 to Present)
• Amec Foster Wheeler, Project Manager/Process Lead (2006 to 2016)
• Brock Solutions Ltd., Application Engineer (2004 to 2005)
• Gardner Systems Corp., Project Manager, Wisconsin USA (1999 to 2003)

 Representative Projects
Plastics to Wax Recycling Plant ($12M)
GreenMantra Technologies
Project Manager and Process/Mechanical Lead on the detail engineering for the full-scale expansion of GreenMantra’s first polyethylene recycling facility. The project involved integration of core process technology modules with off-module process equipment, design and specification of plant utilities, and specification of new equipment, piping, building services, and structural works for installation in the existing building and overall design of safety relief and emissions handling systems, from front-end to construction.

Kearl Oil Sands Project ($12B)
Imperial Oil Canada
Utilities Area Process Lead for Front-End Engineering and Detailed Design phases of the project. Included technology selection studies, value engineering, cost control, plus design and planning through the project stage-gate milestones. Was responsible for ensuring the integrity of design including development and specification of process conditions, equipment requirements, physical and control safety systems, as well as managing progress and schedule to keep engineering activities on budget and off the critical path.

Legacy Project ($4B)
K+S Potash Canada
Utilities Area Lead Process Engineer during value engineering and EPCM phase. The project was the first for K+S in Canada and required determining plant-wide utility requirements and setting process and utility design conditions, then execution of the process design for this area of the facility.

Solstice Project ($450M)
Shell Canada.
Process Lead on the concept design and value engineering for a second-generation bioethanol facility. Supported Shell and their technology provider Iogen to adapt and scale-up the technology and base design package. Included plant-wide process engineering based on preliminary block flow design, technology selection and value engineering studies at the concept and front-end levels, GHG optimizations, risk and hazard screening sessions. Included cross-discipline planning for the detailed design execution, procurement strategy, and construction; plus development & maintenance of the overall project and capital cost estimates and schedules. Also kicked off and helped set and maintain the project philosophy for adaptation of Shell engineering and safety standards to industry-specific requirements, and participated in the development and review of engineering design contracts as well as the client’s government funding application process.

Algae Oil Projects ($60M, $10M)
Mara Renewables / Algal Omega 3 Ltd.
Project Manager and Engineering Lead on the concept engineering and cost study for a full-scale production facility, and for the purchase assessment and refit engineering of an existing fermentation facility to produce at preliminary scale. Executed conceptual plant design including process design basis memo, plant layout, major equipment sizing, and capital cost estimate in only 3 weeks, with value engineering and second pass study update to provide a preliminary project plan and funding application package four weeks later. Assisted in the assessment of an idle fermentation plant in Liverpool, England for component integrity and purchase suitability, then engineering of changes to make the Mara oil product in existing primary equipment.

Various Studies and Engineering Design Efforts
• Mosaic Corp – Belle Plaine SK – FEED for Plant 2 Utilities & Power Generation Plant (Process Lead)
• Cytec Solvay – Niagara Falls, ON – Miscellaneous phosphene plant maintenance/upgrade projects (Proj Mgr/Eng Mgr)
• Bioamber – Sarnia, ON – Process Engineering code compliance reviews and Ontario P.Eng, endorsement of offshore engineering deliverables (Process Lead)
• Dominion Colour Corp – Ajax, ON – Concept/Front-End design and capital cost estimate of the new dry pigment manufacturing line (Proj Mgr/Eng Mgr)
• Dominion Colour Corp – Mississauga, ON – Spill/Fire Event containment study, design and cost estimate (Proj Mgr)
• GreenMantra Technologies – Brantford, ON – Emissions system modification/integration of legacy equipment
• CRH Group – Mississauga, ON – various Pre-start Safety Reviews (Sr. Engineer)
• St. Marys Cement – Bowmanville, ON – Alternative Fuel System Pre-start Safety Review (Sr. Engineer)